Nina Dobrev Norman Reedus Showmance For Showbiz Sake?

Ian somerhalder duck lipsDiane Kruger was recently spotted kissing The Walking Dead star, Norman Reedus.  He’s rich, popular, and single.  Relationships here don’t focus on love, it’s all about the showmance.  Plenty of Hollyweird’s A-Listers hook up with fellow celebrities, merely for the limelight.  Remember Demi Moore’s Charlie’s Angels red carpet comeback starring Ashton Kutcher?

Nina Dobrev has been getting passed around town like a Kardashian lately.  Every since Ian Somerhalder ditched her during the 50 Shades of Grey auditions, her romantic life has fizzled out. Weak from low self esteem, Dobrev got drunk one night and forked her bestie’s brother, Derek Hough.   Sure, Nina has romped with Tinseltown’s musicians, and fellow D-list actors, but she hasn’t found anyone worthy of her real love.  The Vampire Diaries early exit took a toll on her reputation, but she couldn’t stand looking at Ian’s new wife, Nikki Reed.  Reed was once friends with Nina Dobrev.

Don’t tell anyone we told you, but red carpet whispers claim Nina Dobrev engaged in a touchy- feely kinky makeout session with Norman Reedus at the AMAs afterparty.  His maturity, and long running television stint out weighs the age gap.  Nina Dobrev is desperate for showbiz respect.  She tells friends hooking up with Norman will keep her name hot until her next big break.

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