Kerry Washington Secret Plot For Emmy Award

Kerry Washington has been nominated for an Emmy two times.  She starred in Ray, The Last King of Scotland, and Quentin Tarantino’s, Django Unchained.  Washington has seasoned her acting chops for over a decade, but she’s finally getting proper respect as White House ‘fixer’ Olivia Pope.  Does it have anything to do with her transition from dark skin to light skin?  Michelle Obama secretly despises the Scandal star.  Art intimates life, so Miss Kerry sashayed in the real white house looking for ‘volunteer’ work.  President Barack Obama appointed Kerry Washington to his Committee on the Arts and Humanities.  Michelle knows Olivia Pope is a character Kerry plays a little too well.  Is Kerry trying to give Barack Obama some Monica Lewinsky, or nah?  Where is Kerry’s husband, and baby?  Is this Washington’s malicious plot to finally win an Emmy or Oscar Award?  How did Kerry Washington beat all the more qualified candidates for that seat on Obama’s committee?

“Yeah.  I campaigned for John Kerry the year that Ray came out.  I’ve always been a very involved person politically and socially, and I have every intention to continue doing that,” she told Parade.

Whatever Bii…we see you coming from a mile away.