Priyanka Chopra Busted In A Mumbai Brothel #Quantico

Khloe & LamarBollywood stunner, Priyanka Chopra, is working the Quantico stage.  The ABC drama is sure to leave you polishing your knob under a blanket.  Priyanka is a pageant winner and A-lister, out for America’s respect.  If her full lips, and thick hair don’t make you horny-maybe this scandalous little Indian secret will?

Police in Mumbai link Priyanka Chopra to a “flourishing sex trade!”  Chopra, and her moma were straight pimping hoes before the cops raided the explicit massage parlor on November 7.  Properties owned by Alex Parrish were being used for prostitution.

“When we rent properties, we don’t go and check what is happening in the bedroom,” Priyanka Chopa insisted to showbiz press.  “Hence, I had no knowledge about what is happening there.  We are law-abiding citizens, and if there is anything that is against the law, we will obviously stand by whatever the cops say.”

Wow has it been 15 years already!!! Dayam!! Where has time flown! Thank u all for the wishes.

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Priyanka tried disassociating herself with brothel owner, Manik Soni.  Manik quickly fled the scene, while four hookers were arrested.  Rumors claim Manik Soni is very active behind the Bollywood scenes.  He is known for “organizing star studded bashes that are routinely attended by tv actors, film stars, and cricket players,” according to National Enquirer.  The entire floor where the brothel romanced rich, lonely, married men, is owned by the Chopras.  Exotic beauty, Priyanka Chopra, needed more than smashing good looks to make it to the top.  They say it ain’t what you know, but WHO you know.