Proof That Drunk People Run In Miranda Lambert Family

It’s no big secret that Blake Shelton is a hard partying drunk.  We love when he takes vodka shots while he tweets.  Shelton’s drinking is the subject of on set jokes where he’s a judge on The Voice.  Miranda Lambert is no angel.  Country insiders say to lose the weight she backed off beer, but picked up rum.

Miranda hasn’t necessarily supported her family’s obsession with swimming in a  pool filled with liquor, but she does not want to lose Blake.  He was caught flirting with Kim Kardashian.  Blake Shelton was married when he fell in love with Miranda, but keep that between us.

Latest tabloid says Miranda sent me to rehab… Incorrect. She sent me to the liquor store!!!


What you didn’t know is this:  Leslie Adams Lambert (Miranda’s kid brother Luke) was arrested for DUI in 2010!  Luke allegedly told cops he mixed the booze with Lexapro, so you know he was forked up!