Racial Tensions Flare In Detroit

It’s difficult to imagine a city in the United States without clean drinking water.  Detroit Michigan is treated like Rob Kardashian.  As a true testament to the bible, The Pointes is divided with hate, social class, and race.  Mike Duggan is sitting on his fat ass, while Kercheval Road uses a barn to keep black people out.  The auto industry’s collapse affected everyone, but Detroit had the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history.  Instead of focusing on the city’s financial state, Pistons wonder why Detroit is 82% black.  All the white folks in Detroit live in Grosse Pointe Park.  Wayne County is pulling extreme measures to keep the nappy headed, chicken lovers, out of their neighborhoods.

Call the cops from Grosse Pointe, and they’re there in less than 2 minutes.  Call the cops from the other side of Kercheval – they MAY come, but they may not.  Just drive down Alter Road.  One side of the street is cluttered with dilapidated shacks, empty lots, and crack fiends.  It resembles a movie set.  It’s disturbing to see poverty compete with a 3rd world country.  Wild weeds, junk cars, and babies with soiled diapers, represent the poor blacks.  The other side of Alter Road looks like Santa Monica.  Lions are eating sushi on quaint, quiet patios.  Yoga studios, tanning salons, and fancy bars, encompass the ‘good’ side of the street.

Are the people of Detroit racist?  Nobody has taken the initiative to fix the water crisis.  Is it because they’re all just a bunch of ninjas anyway?  The government intentionally created Detroit’s racial tensions.  Real estate agents awarded ‘desirable’ buyers with extra points based on race & religion.  Ross Eisenbrey said Civic associations refused to sell to non-whites.  Black folks aren’t even allowed to play at the public park in Grosse Pointe.  When they started making people show their IDs to get in the park, watermelon addicts abandoned homes they owned in the hood.  Blacks traded home ownership, so they could RENT in the better area.

Now they have their greasy, black asses, with their new IDs (new addresses), hogging up the swimming pool in the suburbs.  The Pointes residents are terrified of waking up to a stolen yacht, or rapping teenager.  Does Neal Rubin (Detroit News) care?  Or is Neal balling in The Pointes too?


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The good news is, somebody offered to buy 6000 shacks to assist with the area’s revitalization.  The bidder wants to remain anonymous, so we’re telling you now:  It’s Eminem.