Scott Disick Calls Tyga A Peasant – Video

peas·ant: pez(ə)nt/noun – a poor farmer of low social status who owns or rents a small piece of land for cultivation.

We’re all just waiting on the Kardashian family to ruin Tyga, just like they did Kanye West and Lamar Odom.  Loud mouth asshole or not- people used to respect Yeezy.  If LO smokes primos, he’s likely been smoking them since college.  Leave it to Kim Kardashian, and her family of circus freaks, to get him kicked out of the NBA.

Kris Jenner encouraged  Tyga’s Lebron James hairline ass to smash her youngest daughter before she was 18.  Kylie Jenner has gotten more abortions, than plastic surgery procedures trying to out whore her older sisters.  Tyga is what Scott Disick calls a peasant.  Every time he and Koutney fight, “at least I’m not black” is Scott’s rebuttal.  Kardashians pray on weak watermelon loving ninjas with a little money, and low self-esteem.  Scott is a Kardashian.

Rapper Tyga is rapping to drive a Mercedes SLR McLaren.  It’s his latest obsession, when he’s not pulling a 3way with Chris Brown and Blac Chyna.  The problem is, it used to be Scott’s.  Everything involving Kris Jenner is about money.  The more cash they have, the more they want.

Not only did he convince Tyga to take over payments on the hand-me-down SLR, we heard Tyga also buys Scott’s old designer clothes.  Does Jenner really love Tyga?  Or, are they just using this kid for Hip Hop fame, and someone to look down on?