Sean Penn Cheated On Charlize Theron #TheLastFace

We don’t understand the creepy showmance cracking between Sean Penn, and Charlize Theron.  She’s a snob, who only adopted a black kid for showbiz credentials.  Sean didn’t come stumbling around until baby Jackson got in the picture.  They are working on a movie together in South Africa for Brangelina’s sake.  That’s where Sean stuck his pipe in young Miss Fleur van Eeden.

Charlize Theron won’t share the same Soul Cycle class with Tia Mowry, but this beauty made her feel the competition.  EEden is her stunt double, and she’s only 30 years young!  Sean Penn obviously wanted Fleur van Eeden to be The Last Face to see his shriveled pale penis before marrying Charlize.  Theron’s hot, young doppleganger told National Enquirer all about steamy unforgettable night.


“I find Sean very sexy still, even though he’s older.”

Why did Sean ask Fleur to come watch him recite poetry at a remote campsite  while Charlize wasn’t there?

“Charlize didn’t come. I was alone with Sean and a few crew members. It was awesome. They put up a tented camp for the crew, and offered Sean the guesthouse. But he refused and insisted on sleeping with us. One night we all stood ’round a bonfire, and suddenly Sean said, ‘I want to read you my poems, my private collection. Would you mind?’ It was phenomenal – awesome – under the big starry sky. He’s a great poet, a very deep, romantic guy.”

“He’s so romantic, and sad as well.”

Pouring his heart out to a beautiful, strange, thot wasn’t enough.  Fleur came in her panties recounting the sticky affair.

“One night we spent time together.  He asked me about my life, and confided a little about his.”

“There’s nothing in those remote parts, and I was alone with Sean.  It’s an experience I’ll never forget.”