Shania Twain Leaves Vegas – Married Best Friend Ex Husband

Shania Twain is ditching Ceasars Palace to focus on her new studio album.  This Christmas will be Twain’s last rodeo in Las Vegas.  The Queen of Country Pop is headed to a city near you, and she’s bringing her sexy new husband, Frederic Thiebaud, on tour with her.  Selena Gomez Shows Up To Shania Twain's Las Vegas Backstage

Fred was happily married to Shania Twain’s best friend at first.  Twain pulled a Hollywood stunt, that would make Tom Cruise jealous.  She snatched Marie- Anne Thiebaud’s man like a Venus Flytrap.  Shania admitted feeling terribly insecure, and inadequate, until she met the Swiss businessman.  Money, and beauty don’t replace a devoted hard cock.  Mutt was producing all her HIT albums, but wasn’t hitting that country kitten right.   Twain’s life is busy, and full now.  Frederic is exciting, and loves to travel.  He enjoys variety, and loves spending all his spare time jet setting through Switzerland, the Bahamas, and Vegas.

Robert Mutt Lange nearly caused Twain to commit suicide when she discovered his affair with her property manager friend, Marie- Ann.

She said she even lost her voice for a while and was diagnosed with dysphonia, which is when the voice box is squeezed by the surrounding muscles which can be caused by fear and stress.

But Shania said, through it all, she had to be strong for her now nine-year-old son Eja who was the light that helped her get out of bed every day.

However, she does not allow Eja to spend any time with Marie-Anne, even when he is visiting his father. She said she has no desire to contact her. ‘In fact my desire is to avoid her!’

Mutt humiliated the Grammy winner, and forced her to mourn before the Grand Ol Opry.  After Shania divorced Mutt’s viscous abuse, she cried on Marie- Anne’s rejected husband, Frederic.  In a Hollyweird wife swap, the country bumpkin repaid the seductress in the ultimate way.  Twain is now happily married to Frederic Thiebaud.  They fell in love while crying over their horrible exes.  Bob Lange is producing Muse new album…but that ain’t none of our business.