Shitty Shattered Shannen Doherty – From 90210 to 90220

Tori Spelling tried throwing an old dog a bone with Mystery Girls. It flopped harder than Art Pop. What’s worst is, Shannen Doherty is fighting cancer now. She down played the lymph node with a positive spirit. Fans are worried Brenda Walsh is more focused on her Hollyweird career, than she is on getting healthy. Doherty’s health issues are spiraling out of control.

Fighting the stigma of being considered a has-been, Shannen Doherty is 45 now. She refuses to let breast cancer get her down. She was really depressed at first. Now she’s determined to eat healthier, and exercise, for showbiz sake! Shannen doesn’t want to be a Scientology candidate.

Puffy, pasty, and overweight- agents threatened Shannon Doherty with the casting couch. How will she cement her icon status at 5 ft and 250 pounds? Breast cancer is easy. Being a super famous, financially depleted, fat ass, is more difficult than college calculus.

Shannen is torn between focusing on her cancer crisis, and losing weight to be eligible for Tinsel town auditions. It’s a tough industry when you’re older, and type cast across the entertainment industry. Should Shannen relax, and allow her body to heal while doctors diagnose her health? Or, should she find a black celebrity, and suck his cock on film for fame?