Sheryl Crow Settles For A Black Man – Video

Best day ever! Joe, Vince, and Steve in the studio. • #joewalsh #vincegill #stevejordan

A popping career, a 200 acre Nashville ranch, and two beautiful sons- is nothing without a man to share it with.  Sheryl is suffering from success.  Lance Armstrong broke her heart, and she hasn’t had sex since.  The disgraced cyclist nearly ruined her reputation.  Hollyweird forced her to end the showmance for Grammys sake.  Sheryl Crow, weak from heart ache and lonely days on the road, often considered suicide.  When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, it gave her strength to adopt little Wyatt Steven and Levi James.  When a benign brain tumor threatened her career, she decided she’s ditching society’s standards for a hard, young, black, felon.

Just because Sheryl’s in her 50s, doesn’t mean she’s not about that life.  She’s hopped more casting couches, than concert stages.

Crow was overheard telling a friend at Torrance, California- Chipotle, “I’d love to get married.  Being a single mother is hard.”

Try telling that to Kris Jenner.  Jenner snatched up a ninja with hips wider than Kim Kardashian’s, in no time.

Sheryl Crow feels stifled by industry standards.  It’s hard enough staying a perfect size 0.  Crow’s marketing team has hitched a Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, type scheme.  She’s rotting from loneliness undeneath the sparkly smile, and blonde hair.   All she wants to do is have some fun, and a little limelight wouldn’t hurt.