Thot Plot To Murder Michael C Hall #Dexter

Alix Tichelman is the most beautiful serial killer of all time.  She allegedly sold sex online as a way to feed her thirst for real life murder fantasies.  Michael C. Hall better be glad he’s rich enough to afford security.  FBI investigators claim Dexter was her next victim.

The gorgy model has been jailed for manslaughter.  Timothy Hayes, a Google executive, was tricking his cheese with the sinister thot.  Alix drained his banking account, and injected him with heroin as they partied on his luxury yacht.  Police say she left him to die while sipping Chardonnay, and gathering her Louis Vuitton lingerie.  Dean Riopelle wasn’t so lucky.  He was a nightclub owner who mysteriously died by overdosing on Tichelman’s juicy heroin.

She erased a FaceBook post that read:  It’s really nice to talk to someone about killing sprees, and murdering people in cold blood.

Police are sifting thru Alix’ client list, for more clues.  One cop told National Enquirer, “Tichelman is infatuated with the tv show Dexter, and with the actor, Michael C. Hall, who played him.  Who knows what would have happened if she’d actually met him?”