Robert Kardashian Threatens Family Tell All Book

Robert Kardashian Jr. is known for being the awkward baby brother of his famous sisters.  The extremely handsome, and sometimes chubby, bi- curious Kardashian brother, has mysteriously disappeared from the limelight.  TheHollyweirdTimes did a little digging, and discovered the real reason behind Rob’s dreary esteem, and obvious absence from tabloid headlines.

Everyone knows Robert Jr. is a roach, and his attempt at a sock brand failed.  He tried Dancing With The Stars, but momager, Kris Jenner, could only afford the ‘runner-up’ slot.  Kris makes it known that Kim Kardashian is her favorite.  Kylie and Kendall Jenner hit puberty, and Robert Kardashian went from being the 4th wheel, to the 16th (behind Scott Disick’s drunken rants, and Penelope Disick’s colorful turbans).

The epitome of ‘suffering from success’, Kardashian has failed repeatedly in the love department.  Rita Ora cheated on him.  Angela Simmons thought his daily flowers were creepy.   Adrienne Bailon had to act like she had a man to halt Robert’s Hannibal Lecter ish desperation.

A source exclusively tells TheHollyweirdTimes

“Rob is cool.  He loves his sisters, but is annoyed by their thirst for fame.  He also resents being criticized by his family for TV ratings.”

Robert Kardashian Jr.  is the only one who can carry on the Kardashian name.  Why is he so sad?  Do you think  he’s addicted to the wrong type of girl?  Why doesn’t Robert realize, and take advantage of his Hollywood position?  Should he replace his momager, and get over himself?  Did Kris Jenner ban Robert from their Hollyweird persona for refusing to admit his secret?