TI Grandfather Died

RIP to my Grandad “Daddy” da strongest most SOLID man I knew!!!!! Robert Morgan. Taught me how to peep bullshit, demand respect, and stay prepared for anything in life could throw at me. I know you my Grandaddy but all the time I spent I feel like I’m your third son. You shown me more that I can express just by being a true man’s MAN!!!!! You lived 84 years & provided for 3-4 generations with not 1 complaint, just wisdom, results, and an occasional cussing now and then.lol
We know how proud u were of US, just glad I got to let you know how proud we are of U!!!! And although I’m not an emotional cry my eyes out type of guy, just know U WILL BE MISSED!!!! WE WILL NEVER FORGET ALL U MEAN TO OUR FAMILY!!!! Now U and Mother can finally be together and rest in heaven together!! We love U!!!! #RIPDaddy #SoManyPeopleDying – Clifford Harris