Why TI Slam Flat Tummy Tea Like This?

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Our fat ass always looked at Flat Tummy Tea with the side eye.  If all we had to do was drink tea, we’d have the same body as the Hadid sisters.  Celebrities are scattered all over social media promoting this miracle tea, that makes you skinny and beautiful.  ‘Flat tummy tea’ marketing reps deserve a pay raise.  Everybody drinks it from the Kardashians to Princess Love.  We can’t scroll down our timelines without seeing Lala Anthony, Angela Simmons, and countless others, promoting the Flat tummy tea.  Never mind the plastic surgeries.

Leave it to T.I. to keep it 100, and spill the tea, on this so called ‘flat tummy’ drink:

You have to exercise too.. So don’t go paying $40 for a lil box and drink it and think you gone go down 3 shirt sizes lmao you actually have to put in work. It’s just green tea so don’t go thinking it’s some kind of foreign drink either. save ya money.


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