Today Show Dissed Amy Adams For Refusing To Discuss Sony Hack

Leaked Sony emails have Hollyweird shaking like Michael J. Fox.  Wealthy actors are painfully reminded of their flaws, and imperfections by the same people who hired them for being so talented, and beautiful.  Everyone who’s anyone has felt the wrath of Amy Pascal, and her Culver City goons.

Amy Adams wore her best Chanel suit to work her jelly at NBC.  She thought Today Show really gave a damn about Tim Burton’s Big Eyes flop. Page 6 reports:

Racist Michael Costello


“I was informed that they had decided to pull the interview,” Adams — who confirmed she refused to talk about the hacked e-mails, which revealed she was paid less than her “American Hustle” male co-stars — told USA Today. “I was confused and definitely frustrated. I still don’t understand.”

She added, “I expressed that I was uncomfortable. I said I would rather not add my voice to this conversation.” But “it was clear they were drawing a hard line, that this would be part of the conversation.”

Honestly- we hope they all get mad, and quit.  Allow new talent to get a piece of the Hollyweird pie.