Tom Cruise Brad Pitt Hate Each Other – Go Like Hell

Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt admire each other’s work, but deep inside, there’s tension.  Just like Britney Jean is mad at Beyonce, the superstars will collide in a new film, Go Like Hell.  Both A list egomaniacs realize that Hollywood is a competition, and the streets have already began whispering.  Tom and Brad have rarely spoken since their onscreen duet in Interview With a Vampire.  That was 20 years ago!

Everyone wants to be a star, and both Pitt, and Cruise have embraced the sacrifice, and dedication it takes to be at the top.  The movie is based on a rivalry, and you can bet your last dollar, the beef will spill off-screen.  We’re not saying Tom has a short man’s complex, but a blind mind can see the underlying competition.

To promote Inglorious Bastards, Brad slammed Valkyrie.  Remember Angelina Jolie in Salt?  Well that part was initially Tom Cruise’s role.  His Scientology advisers made a mistake.


How will all this play out?  Judging by Rock of Ages, Knight And Day, Jack Reacher, and his nasty divorce from Katie Holmes...