Tom Ford Has A New Intern- Meet Brie Fainblit

It’s hard to ignore the raging prices of gas, and food.  Foreigners no longer risk death to come to America.  The nation’s economy hasn’t fully recovered from the Bush administration.  Just as we began to lose all hope of ever affording a Starbucks Coffee, we ran into the story of Brie Fainblit.  Brie couldn’t afford an over the top, expensive, prom dress.  She decided to design her dress with soda tabs.  Tom Ford should definitely take notice. This type of dedication is rare, and it won’t come from some ivy league college.    LATimes Reports:

The two-story house in the Palmdale subdivision looks like so many others. Green lawn out front, pool out back. Solid, comfortable, secure.

Inside, a teenager does her homework by candlelight whenever the power gets cut off. If the water goes too, she fills empty bottles at school to wash her hair.

Brie Fainblit just turned 19. She is used to not having what others have. Mostly she just accepts it.

But not for prom.

She wants to be Highland High’s prom queen. She wants to turn heads.

Brie lives with her mother, who is disabled, and her aunt, who works two part-time jobs to support them.

Often there is not enough money for food. There is never enough for new clothes. Usually Brie finds what she can at the local Goodwill, but the prom dresses there are too big and too froufrou.