Tumblr Founder Dumped Longtime Girlfriend Who Loved Him As A Broke Ass

These hoes ain’t loyal.  Zillionaire, Tumblr founder, ­David Karp split with his girlfriend of five years.  Rachel Eakley was embarrassed, and humiliated to confess the showmance demise.  We heard she was pressuring marriage, instead of allowing it to happen naturally.  Page 6 put her on blast.

‘They really suck, right?’ the user wrote. ‘And you built a house together, and probably got left with nothing since you weren’t married…

‘Maybe it’s better to hear someone agree that it sucks instead of someone telling you time heals all wounds blah blah blah?’
Eakley responded to the stan, calling it ‘sweet and strange’.
‘I don’t really know what to say when I get stuff like this, so I mostly ignore it,’ she wrote. ‘You guys are cute. It’s sweet that you worry about me and I think it’s the best thing about Tumblr.’
‘I’ve been being purposefully quiet on this matter and will continue to be. I never really shared much about my relationships and probably won’t start any time soon. Mine is more of a school’s hard, tv’s awesome, look at this food! kind of blog.’

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