US Restaurants Secretly Selling Dog Meat ?

An example of how China is treating these doomed dogs comes from the Daily Mail. In hot weather, 500 dogs were crammed into a truck, on their way to be slaughtered and sold to restaurants. Some of them died while others became very ill. Several animal rights activists worked hard to stop the convoy but failed.

China has historically farmed and eaten dogs; it is legal and there are no sanitary or other laws regarding their treatment. Yet, they are crammed into cages and beaten over the head to kill them; the Chinese farmers say this method is not cruel.

Every year, thousands of dogs are stolen in Thailand and smuggled into Vietnam since it is not legal. The demand is very high and a very lucrative black market business, run by Mafia and corrupt officials.

The method of transportation involves cramming about twelve dogs into several poultry cages on long trips without food or water, then sold in fashionable restaurants; they are more expensive than pork.

In Vietnam, up to five million dogs are consumed every year, following a long tradition.

Demand has also spread beyond the country, sparking a multimillion-pound trade that sees 300,000 dogs packed every year into tight metal cages in Thailand.

The dogs are killed brutally, hitting them over the head 10 or 12 times, causing much pain. Some diners prefer the added suffering because they say the dogs are tastier. Other acts of cruelty are force-feeding, burning or stabbing.

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