‘Vampire Diaries’ Kat Graham Trades Food For Fame?

Move over Nina Dobrev.  Cry your  inviting eyes out, Ian Somerhalder.  Kat Graham is kicking Hollywood’s doors down.  Kat is every woman’s yeast infection, and every gay guy’s dream bestie.  You’ve probably already jacked off to her smoking hot new video for the new ‘Power’ single.  What you didn’t know is, the television network has The Vampire Diaries crew on a very strict diet.


Usually celebrities just snort cocaine, and eat diet pills to stay thin.   As gorgeous as she is, don’t you get hungry just looking at her?  Graham admitted in a recent KTLA interview that the #TVD set is a gluten free environment.

She claimed she’s not rolling with the gluten free clique,but gluten free diets, and G-Free food products are Hollywood’s latest obsession. Gorgeous starlets like New Girl, Zooey Deschanel, lead the pack in Tinseltown’s gluten free squad.

Emmy Rossum, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Rachel Roy aren’t just trying to follow the gluten free trend to increase their hotness, and twitter followers. They all have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Meanwhile, Zooey, Scarlett Johansson and Chelsea Clinton, admitted to a gluten intolerance. They have to be G-Free. Pop sensation, Lady Gaga, sexy vampire, Ian Somerhalder, twerking, Miley Cyrus, and super model,Miranda Kerr, join Jessica Alba in a list of rumored gluten free celebrities.

Judging by Kat’s physique, she’s not only gluten free- but carb, happy, water, problem, meat,and  lactose free too.

Graham’s gorgy is aggravating, but should the The Vampire Diaries set force feed diet food on the cast?  Are you ready to break your weight loss New Year’s Resolution again? Or,  are you cool with just being a fat fan?