Victoria Beckham Dissed 89 Pound Model Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown is too fat to model in Victoria Beckham’s eyes.  Lisa is a stunning blonde, 6’2, and a perfect size 00.  She was a confident candidate to walk Beckham’s runway in New York Fashion Week., but nah.  Starving from a strict diet of juice dipped cotton balls, Victoria snarled in dismay at Lisa’s portfolio.  Victoria Beckham is often criticized for her own rail thin body, but Lisa wasn’t skinny enough.
Piers Morgan penned a piece for the Daily Mail titled, “Stop with the miserable skinny models, Victoria – this is NOT how we want the world’s young women to look.” Humiliated and hungry, Posh Spice then banned models who were too skinny from walking in her shows. Now Beckham’s back with the ‘thin-is-in’ swagger, and everyone is angry.

Ultra-thin, young models in Victoria Beckham’s New York fashion show could become the “thinspiration” of young people suffering with eating disorders, a leading charity has warned.The Guardian

Nobody is more crushed than Lisa Brown.  She found out she’s dying from Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome (SMAS).  SMAS occurs when the aorta and mesenteric arteries pinch part of the small intestine.  In just 2 years, Lisa Brown lost 56 pounds.  She’s skeletal weak, and vomiting like she ate Kris Jenners’ cooking.

'I'm Starving to Death and I Can't Help It': This 32-Year-Old Woman Is Fighting to Save Her Life| Personal Success, Personal Tragedy, Medical Conditions, Medicine, Real People Stories

“I was vibrant, social, healthy, and spirited- and now I’m in constant pain, rely on others, and I’m confined to my home most days.”

Posh is so poor, all she has is money.  Beckham despises the fat, almost as much as she hates black people.  She’s insensitive to Lisa Brown’s health struggle.  She used a 17 year old teen to star in her show, not Lisa Brown.

“The disease has taken everything.  Time spent with family used to be recreational and fun.  The more ill I become, the more those things come to a halt”.

2 operations failed to fix the problem.  She’s only 85 pounds now.  Lisa Brown eats through a stomach tube, but is still too fat to be considered a runway model for Victoria Beckham.