Video Shows Stockton Gym Teacher Dragging Student To Pool

A Northern California gym teacher was placed on leave after video recently surfaced of him dragging a 13-year-old student near the school’s pool area.

The incident occurred as the teacher, Denny Peterson, was trying to get the girl into Edison High School’s pool to complete that day’s gym assignment, KTLA sister stationFox40 reported.

“I swam laps like the teacher asked but I did not want my hair wet,” the unidentified student told the Sacramento-area television station, adding that she didn’t swim fully under the water because she didn’t want to get her hair wet. The student said she had a cheer competition later that day, and her hair “looked good.”

According to the student, her teacher then grabbed her by the wrists and started pulling her down.

In the cellphone video, which was recorded by another student and obtained by Fox40, the student could be seen on the ground struggling as the teacher held her arms and began dragging her on the ground.

The student begged him to stop, telling Peterson that the orange bikini top she was wearing was coming down, according to the TV station.

“He didn’t stop,” the student told Fox40.

Instead, the video showed him responding, “It’s alright,” as the student protested amid her potential wardrobe malfunction.

The student alleged that Peterson continued to humiliate her in front of others. At one point, he could be heard asking other students to join in and tickle her as he held her legs while she was on her back near the pool, the video showed.

The student screamed “stop” multiple times during the videotaped incident, but to no avail.

After the video surfaced, Peterson was placed on leaved and charged with corporal injury to a child, Fox40 reported.

The school district responded to the incident in a statement, telling the station that Peterson’s punishment was “immediate an appropriate.” – KTLA Reports