We Miss Seeing Kylie & Kendall Jenner Together- Don’t You? What Had Happened Was…

Kim Kardashian may pull a Donde West to get back skinny.  She vowed to NEVER EVER get pregnant again.  Kris Jenner is doing an awesome job at destroying the sister-hood between Kylie and Kendall, just as she did with the others.  Controversy and strife drive headlines.  Real tension is certain to green light the Jenner sisters upcoming reality show.

Kylie Jenner is more insecure than she is beautiful.  She’s overwhelmed by the limelight.  Kylie’s sisters accuse her of having a stinky attitude fueled by her fat ego.  Kendall has replaced Kylie with Gigi Hadid.  Gigi is basking in the Jenner limelight, and using the new celebrity to boost her modeling career.  Kendall Jenner resents Kylie’s  showmance with Tyga.  Everyone in Tinseltown know’s Tyga is broke, and forks transgenders.

Will you watch Kylie and Kendall’s reality show?  They will only be together when they’re working, and it’s a contractual obligation.