We’ve Obtained Exclusive Photos Of North West Real Mom – You Know? The One That Feeds, Teaches, Washes, Grooms, And Cleans Up After Her


We credit Kim Kardashian with the bodacious body, but we give all the cedit to the brains- Kris Jenner.   The photo above includes a bunch of fancy designers – #GivenchyGang @riccardotisci17 @patmcgrathreal @carineroitfeld @ciara (fame thirsty).  The black woman with the horse braid is Pat.  She pretends to be a world renown makeup artist, but we heard she’s actually North West main nanny.  What?  You thought Kim Kardashian would sacrifice her nails to clean up behind Nori?  Kanye West is never there, and somebody has to do it.  Kris Jenner is too drunk and busy to help out.