What Dwyane Wade Never Wanted You To Know About Siohvaughn Wade – Video

What’s the first thing Dwyane Wade did when he landed his dream contract with the NBA? Dumped his wife, Siohvaughn Wade, of course.  It was one of the grimiest divorces in Hollyweird because they have kids, he accused her of being mentally unstable, and she was with him from the bottom.


Wade tricked everyone into believing his ex-wife was retarded.  When Siohvaughn Wade tried to defend herself, and fight for her kids, Wade had courts shut her down.

Well all the dookie hit the fan.  Now Wade is engaged to Gabrielle Union.  He  has a newborn baby by Aja Metoyer, who happens to also have kids by a member of the Wayans Family.  Wade just hides his sinister ways behind his mother’s church philanthropy, because rumors claim he’s been forking Aja every since he was married to Siohvaughn.

So we’re cruising down LipstickAlley looking for a dime, but came across even more evidence that Dwyane Wade is a douche.  Siohvaughn Wade has a Ph.D.

Siohvaughn L. Funches Wade

A woman of value, a woman of worth…

President & Founder of A Woman’s Worth Foundation since 2006, Siohvaughn Wade is a business owner, author, President of Siohvaughn Wade Ministries, Christian Counselor, Scholarship Philanthropist, wife, mother, and now a Ph.D. 

Dr. Siohvaughn Wade was born September 6,1981. Very early on in her life she was taught Christian principles. Her mother Darlene Funches planted this seed of faith in God. Later on in her life she discovered that seed of faith had taken root, sprouted up, and flourished beautifully touching and transforming the lives of many people, including her own life, and the life of her children.

Siohvaughn Wade is currently writing her first book, and heading A Woman’s Worth Foundation and Siohvaughn Wade Ministries where she is both President and Founder. Through these Christian organizations Siohvaughn Wade has been used by God to help many men, women, and children who have victims of domestic violence, and is committed to seeing them receive the hope, the healing, and the restoration that they need, which she knows only comes from God.
Did we mention Gabriel Union may be pregnant? Dwyane, and Siohvaughn have been knowing each other since the 5th grade.