Who Got Super Skinny To Get A Reality Show?

It’s a very sad day in Hollywood.  Starlets are refusing salads, snorting cocaine, and showing obvious signs of bulimia.  Everyone is desperate to be thinner than Nicole Richie, who weighs about 85 pounds. While Paris Hilton disregarded Hollweird’s pressures to be super thin, Nicole is scary skinny.  Paris has joined the hip hop community, and gained so much weight, insiders wondered if she was pregnant.

Every since Nicole’s show with Jessica Simpson got the boot, she’s been on a weight loss binge.  The skeletal beauty queen has battled several problems in the past, including eating disorders and drug dependency.  She shocked all the other skinny bitches at the American Music Awards.  She looked like a gust of wind could knock her down.  To prove Hollywood’s fascination with being thin, Richie wore a dress that showcased her gaunt rib cage.

Her husband Joel Madden is begging her to eat.  He wants her healthy enough to give him another baby.  Nicole’s eye is on the prize.  Fashion Star reignited Richie’s love of the limelight.  What’s the point in having money, a rocker husband, beautiful kids, and a size triple zero waist -if there is nowhere to show it all off?