Why Did TI Fight Floyd Mayweather ? Video Exclusive

T.I. got drunk and caused a kilo of drama outside Fat Burger in Las Vegas.  He must have a Ciroc hook-up, because he was so slizzard he swung on Floyd Mayweather of all folks!


Irrational, drunken, decisions is why Tiny is preparing for divorce.  Did Tip forget he’s already labeled an unprofessional gangster by the showbiz industry?  Is this how a man with grown kids should act?  Through all the cracked bottles, thug screams, and ratchet chaos – an insider called us with all the details.  Truthfully, TI picked a fight with Floyd Mayweather’s clique over a bitch!  Long gone are the hip-hop MOB days.

Nelly, and TI are best friends.  They bonded log ago through music, and the death of Nelly’s sister.  Nelly and Ashanti broke up after he developed a cocaine habit, and refused to repay a loan.  Floyd’s main chick WAS Miss Jackson– until she started smashing Nelly.  Mayweather loves Miss Jackson.  To get revenge, he started smashing Nelly’s one true love, Ashanti.  The point?  TI has nothing to do with it, and should probably lay off prescription medication.  Here’s the fight video: