Why Is Kendall Jenner Mad At Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

Insecure wives across the globe secretly practice the #bootyselfie because Kim Kardashian won’t keep her tits, (for North West) and greasy plastic ass, (for Kanye West) to her self.  Kim knows how to ride the media pony like no other, so fresh off her video cameo ( click here to watch ‘ Bound 2’  Kanye West ) with her baby daddy, she’s been hounding paparazzi to snap her picture.

She had her money makers on full blast as she showed up to NYC’s Barclays Center in an effort to promote Yeezus tour.  We’re grateful she took our advice, and stopped using that orange tan makeup.

Notice the difference?

Kendall Jenner is about to be 18 years old- although you’d never know from all her skimpy clothes, heavy makeup, and intimate pictures she shares on social media.  She’s determined to become a certified model, regardless of what she has to do to get there!  Are there any insecure, ugly, rich, rappers, who want to make a sex tape anywhere in Hollyweird?Kendall Jenner, Instagram

Sources tell THT, that Kris Jenner is secretly fueling a rivalry between the sisters.  This is why Bruce Jenner bailed.  With Khloe Kardashian refusing to divorce crack smoking Lamar Odom, and Kourtney Kardashian threatening to cut her off from her grand kids, all Kris has left is her family business, and Gucci wine.

The only way for Kendall Jenner to get her proper shine is to dethrone Kimye.  With Kendall’s vibrant body, and youthful glow, why does she have to undersell herself around Kim?  Why does she dress one way when she’s with Kim, and let it all hang out when she’s with Kylie Jenner?Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner