Women Are Vanishing In Santa Ana California

They must be too busy thugging hard, and eating donuts.  Do police  not notice women are disappearing in Santa Ana California quicker than Lebron James hairline?

Kianna Jackson left Las Vegas heading to Santa Ana trying to make a court date.  Her mother said she mysteriously stopped answering her phone.  A few weeks later, Monique Vargas left her sister’s birthday party headed to the grocery store.  They haven’t heard from her since.  Then Martha Anaya had her boyfriend babysit her daughters because she had to work.  Her man sent her several frantic messages that went unanswered.

In 2 months, 3 women have been reported missing from Santa Ana.  The area is 99% minorities, and is infested with dope deals and prostitution.  We can’t be certain the cases are linked.  We can’t be certain there aren’t more victims.  We can confirm, the police don’t really care.

Missing since last fall are, from left, Martha Anaya, Kianna Jackson and Monique Vargas.

“They don’t seem to care about them, you know? It’s just another Santa Ana woman,” Jesse Fisher sadly (Martha’s boyfriend) told LATimes.   “But not to me. She’s somebody.”