World’s Sexiest Criminal Stephanie Beaudoin Heads To Reality TV

Kim may have broken the internet, but Stephanie Beaudoin is the Word’s Sexiest Criminal.  The nursing student, turned cat burglar, captured legions of fans with meat beating selfies.   Over 100 counts of felony burglary helped Beaudoin gain over a million followers.  Stephanie buried illegal firearms in her happy 40 DD breast.  This real life Lara Croft. is hotter than Chinese soy sauce.  Even her attorney, Dennis Levigne, yearns for a piece of the cake.  Her FaceBook fan page has over 10,000 LIKES, while we struggle with our measly 400.

“I acted on a whim, and at a bad time. I’m suffering the consequences now, which is the right thing, too,” lawyers prompted her to say.  She made a sweet plea bargain by admitting to 30 counts of convincing desperate housewives to get plastic surgery.  She may serve her life in prison.  Lawyers intend on using her diagnosed mental issues as a bailout.  Beaudoin used her sexual prowess to convince a gang of horny teens to rampage through Canadian towns Arthabaska & Maple.  Ain’t nothing ‘crazy’ about Stephanie Beaudoin, but her body.

Hollywood gave the #BostonBomber a Rolling Stone cover.  Hollyweird decided Stephanie deserves her own star on the walk of fame.  Sorry Taylor Swift, but Beaudoin is having the best year ever.  Stephanie has weirdos’ support, reality TV offers, and modeling gigs, flooding her jail cell.  She quickly admitted to the crimes since  E! offered her a prison documentary.  Bad girls have the most fun, and make the most money.