Michelle Duggar Pregnant Again! Operation: Jana Duggar Freedom #19Kids

Guantanamo Bay prisoners may have it a bit easier than Jana Duggar.  TLC lent the limelight to 19 Kids and Counting. Otherwise, they’d be stranded on welfare.  Jill Duggar, and Derick Dillard finally tied the knot after Tinseltown’s pressure to showmance.  Fans are desperately concerned for Jana.  Her parents, Jim Bob, and Michelle Duggar just keep having babies, despite their inability to hire a team of nannies.

The Duggar family represents the greedy, and selfish side of America.  Jana Duggar is never given a break.  Her younger siblings don’t even go to school.  The Duggar family lets books & the Bible teach their kids.  The kids are raised on the buddy system, but Jana is often left with the brunt of the work load.

Jana Duggar is dazzling.  We aren’t suggesting she thot her way to a new life, and personal spin-off.  We just feel Jana deserves the freedom to shake herself from her family, and go far away to college.  Paul Lamar Hunter, an author and the 19th child of a 21-sibling family himself, knows exactly how Jana feels.

“It is not [kids’] responsibility to have to raise their brothers and sisters,” Hunter, the 19th of 21 kids, says. “It is Jim Bob and Michelle’s job to be the parents.”

“Jim Bob and Michelle need to stay at home with their children and let Jana have her life,” says Hunter. “The children are not Jana’s responsibility.”

“She is an adult who [probably] wants to have fun with her friends and go on dates,” he says. “She might despise her parents and confront them later on in life.”

What REALLY sucks?  We heard Michelle is pregnant again.