Alyssa Milano Gives Birth – Jennifer Love Hewitt Fat And Mad

Alyssa Milano isn’t receiving any Hollywood audition invites.  She just squirted her 2nd child.  Just when David Bugliari considered giving her the deuces, she steals Jennifer Love Hewitt’s baby joy.  Milano’s kid, Milo, is just 2. While Hewitt is still battling cheesy baby weight, Alyssa is on to the next…

Alyssa and Jennifer have been frenemies for years.  Rocket scientist say Hewitt is having a hard time ditching that ghetto booty.  Autumn James‘ name was supposed to be Patricia, but Brian Hallisay was like GTFOH.  Patricia, Love’s mom, is dead.  Let her rest in peace.

If this were the real world, the girls would exchange recipes and schedule playdates.  This is Hollyweird.  This is a popularity contest.  There is only room for one.  Who is the bigger showbiz MILF?  Jennifer Love Hewitt?  Or Alyssa 2x Milano?