Ariel Winter Modern Family Exit

Relaxed outing: Ariel's flame-colored lengthy tresses were styled straight and worn down, and the bare-faced beauty opted for no make-up. Ariel's new manicure was on display as held her cell phone in hand and appeared to be searching for something inside her handbag

Hollywood pedophiles have destroyed yet another family, and turned another good girl bad.  Ariel Winter has gone straight Miley Cyrus on us, quiet as kept.  Will Ariel keep letting old, bi-sexual, movie producers, smash her teenage cakes for acting roles?  How low will Ariel Winter go to secure her space on the royal C-list carpet?  She was so sweet in her Phineas and Ferb days, but she’s turned more savage than Kylie Jenner for this fame life.

Alex Dunphy was carefully selected to star in Modern Family,because her and Sophia Vergara have matching NATURAL size F titties.  Winter didn’t have to do much for the role- accept parade around set in skimpy lingerie and teasing tank tops.  Vergara sucked creators, Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan, off frequently- which makes her the highest paid woman on television.  Pedophiles recruit innocent boys, and girls to the casting couch often, with promises of showbiz success.  Ariel Winter has been flaunting her curves recently, like she wants Sophia’s pay check.

Ariel is living the dream- a reoccurring role, on a smash hit, award winning, TV show.  So when her mom, Crystal Workman, suggested she date older men to enhance her career- she divorced her. In October 2006, Ariel paid her sister Shanelle Gray, to file and become her guardian.  Ariel ruined the family, and told everyone in Beverly Hills her mother had been physically and emotionally abusive.  She was tired of letting married men eat her sushi, and fondle her breast for relevancy. Winters even got titt reduction surgery, in hopes that it would detour piercing stares from horny old men. Moma Workman wanted Ariel to give the goodies up.

In Mr. Nobody ex boyfriend, Cameron Palatas’ depo, he does confess to sleeping in bed with Ariel at her house, but points the finger at Ariel’s mom: “Crystal had wanted me to sleep in Ariel’s bed.”

And what did Ariel wear to bed?: “Her mom would dress her up in lingerie,” he said.

What’s up with Ariel Winter?  She’s 18 now, studying Law at UCLA this fall, but still letting the world beat our meat to them size F to D titties (in the see thru tank above).  Does moma know best after all? What do you think?College or Hollyweird?


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