You Already Know Why Malcolm X Rolling In His Grave

You won’t be surprised to learn the children of the late -great Malcolm X are fighting.  Controversy drowned the Muslim minister’s equality contributions.  Although other Muslims despised him, he wrote a journal about his 1964 Mecca experience.  The moment Hollyweird caught wind of the secret book, they paid Malcolm X daughter, Ilyasaha Shabazz, to hand it over.  However,  X Legacy LLC, blocked the deal.  The remaining siblings didn’t want their father’s private thoughts of his African travels publicized.  They banned together to not only stop the book’s release, they sued to make sure it NEVER get’s published!  All Malcolm X daughters are fighting like angry birds.  When Betty Shabazz, X wife, died in 1997, the whole family crumbled.  Insiders whisper the X family will eventually release the journal.  They’re just waiting on a Honey Boo Boo payout, and the 50th anniversary of his death in 2015.