Father Finds Dying Son, 12 Three Days After He Was Thrown From a 450ft Bridge For Refusing to Murder Random Bus Driver

Cradling him tenderly in his arms, this is the heartbreaking moment a father finds his dying son who was thrown from a bridge three days earlier for refusing to carry out a murder.
Angel Ariel Escalante Perez, 12, had been walking home school when he was ambushed gangland thugs who ordered him to shoot a random bus driver or be killed himself.
Because his father, Luis Escalante, worked as a bus driver, the brave schoolboy refused and said he would rather they killed him.
He was then given the choice of being murdered by machetes or thrown off a bridge.

Angel chose the latter and he was hurled over the Incensio Bridge in the Guatemalan capital of Guatemala City.
Despite plunging nearly 450ft, he survived after landing in the thick foliage below.

But it also meant he remained hidden while lying critically injured for three days until his father and search teams eventually found him.He was taken to hospital, where medics fought for 15 days to save him, but he died from his injuries.

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