Game Daughter- Cali Lynn Dream Taylor

“A Fathers Love”

I love this little girl in ways unknown to man. Have you ever loved someone so much you just couldn’t find any words in the human language to describe it ? Is so then you can sort of relate to how she makes me feel. When I think about how much she means to me, I could truthfully shed tears. I wish that the love I have for my daughter could spread into the hearts of the dads out there who are absent from their daughters lives…… All children need their father, especially little girls…. As I look into my daughters eyes, I ask myself & men out there… Why wouldn’t you want to be there for something so beautiful & innocent which you created….. My every waking day starts off with me thanking God for bestowing something so precious upon me. I’ll never know or understand what I could have possibly done to deserve such a jewel in my life…. & since you are my baby girl, my heart, my sun, the very energy that gives me the drive & motivation to get up & keep striving for greatness day in & day out… I will be your father, your protector, your shield & your 1st love so that you know exactly how someone should treat, care for & love you later on in life…. You deserve the WORLD & it’s my job to give you every piece of it that I can…. I am your FATHER & no matter where life’s journeys lead you… Whenever you need me, I will be there….. Sincerely, Daddy. Jayceon Taylor