It’s War: 50 Cent Sues Rozay and Smash Karrueche Tran

Rick Ross was responsible for blasting the sex tape of his baby mama out to the world … so claims 50 Cent who is now taking aim at Ross in court.
50 has filed a lawsuit — obtained by TMZ — in which he’s trying to deflect blame from himself for the video which now has millions of views. Lastonia Leviston has sued 50 claiming she was so distraught after 50 posted the video she contemplated suicide.
But now 50 says Ross is actually the one who created the problem because he or one of his lackeys was first to post it … 50 just linked to it. 50 points to an interview Ross did with a radio station the day before the video was posted in which he said he was going to put the sex tape online.
50 says in his legal docs if he loses his lawsuit to Leviston, Ross should cover most of the judgment because he’s really the guilty party.
Leviston claims in her lawsuit the guy in her sex tape gave the video to 50 — who was more than eager to blast it out because it would embarrass his rival, Rick Ross. – Flea M Z Reports

Meanwhile…Karrueche Tran was in Las Vegas thotting for dollars, as usual.  50 Cent messy ass decided to bring her on stage at his concert.  Tran was smitten, because 50 is very wealthy.  50 is the king of entertainment marketing if Soulja Boy hold his breath.  50 Cent forked Rick Ross baby moma, and put her financial struggles on blast.  50 Cent also created worldwide headlines by exposing Floyd Mayweather’s inability to read.  Curtis Jackson is getting old.  Could Karrueche Tran be the one?  She’s a light skin thodel like all the other groupies draining his bread.  Or, is 50 using poor Karrueche Tran for her limelight?