Wiggaz Wit Attitude – Chet Hanx Overdose

Tom Hanks son, Chet, grew up in the shittiest part of Beverly Hills. @CHETHAZE admitted being an addict.  Just like most ultra privileged, Hollyweird kids, Chet said, “I’ve been struggling with substance abuse since I was 16 years old.”  His dad coerced him into doing  a quiet stint in a ritzy rehab, in exchange for promoting his rap career.  The rap industry accepted Eminem, and Iggy Azalea.  Is Chester M. Hanks white rap bars A100?  Tom is no hip hop music fan, but he doesn’t want his boy to end up like Chris Thompson.

Chris was behind the 1980s sitcom Bosom Buddies, that catapulted Tom Hanks to super stardom.  At 63, Chris was still about that life, living large with Thots, drugs, and booze.  Chris Thompson was Tom’s mentor, and friend.  The acclaimed showbiz producer overdosed on heroin, just like Lamar Odom’s best friend, Jamie.      Chet’s mom, Rita Wilson, fears Chester may end up just like Chris.  Chet’s parents are more frightened than ever.  Is Chris Thompson’s OD a glimpse of Chet’s fate?  Is he really trying to get clean, or really trying to become a hip hop rock legend?  British authorities recently charged Chet with trashing an $1800 hotel room with horny prostitutes, binge drinking, grade A cocaine, and other rich white kids who want to be black.  Tom, and Tea Leoni desperately tried to push Chris into sobriety, and you see where that got him.

Tom was deeply devastated, and brokenhearted by Thompson’s passing, but not too brokenhearted.  He wouldn’t even leave his filming location to pay respects.  Tom Hanks’ assistant scribbled a brief message that was read at a mini memorial in Los Angeles, and sent a check to cover burial costs.

Meanwhile, check out Chet’s music below before he pulls a Bobbi Kristina.  Then you’ll be forced to fake your condolences like you gave a damn, and supported his dreams.