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Paternity Test Proves Breezy Has a 9 Month Old Daughter

Prepare for the internet to break. TMZ has confirmed that Chris Brown is the father of a 9-month-old baby girl, and her mother is a 31-year-old model by the name … The Tea Here →

Yonce and Hova

Trinity Bachamann sulking in the middle of road in argument with her mom over sitting in the front seat is hit and killed by Drunk driver

An Apopka Memorial Middle School student was killed by a car Saturday night as she sat in the road after an argument with family. Apopka police say 13-year-old Trinity Bachmann … The Tea Here →


Kathy Griffin

Why American Colleges Flooded With Koreans

Every year South Korean students are required to take an extremely difficult exam.  Adhering to the stereo- type, the test is 100x more extreme than America’s punk ass SATs or … The Tea Here →

Totally Shocked

Sexy Justin Bieber



THIS THE WORST FUCKIN THING IVE EVER SEEN ON THE INTERNET SMFH pic.twitter.com/5qK0QvXX1b — ✝ (@briceokc) March 3, 2015

Paul walker

Lupita Nyong’o Causing All This Drama Over A Dress With Fake Ass Pearls

Lupita Nyong’o so black when she eats chocolate cake she has to put white gloves on. She’s raging around Hollyweird crying about her Oscar’s dress being stolen from her hotel room- … The Tea Here →

Bad Grandpa

Kylie Jenner

Ciara and Future Reunited – Photo

Vanessa Paradis

Fuck Da Police

high dog

Mass Adultery Crackin On Sex Mountain

Java Island in Indonesia makes Las Vegas look more preschool than Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s showmance.  Apparently, having sex with strangers is helping Muslims feel more prosperous and optimistic.  The … The Tea Here →

Toe Jam

Details On Why Monique Got Own Her Self Black Balled

Lee Daniels, director of The Butler and executive producer of the smash Fox hit Empire, defended himself against accusations that he got actress Mo’Nique blackballed from Hollywood after she won … The Tea Here →

Beyonce Knowles

Need To Get Away? We Have the Hook Up On Airline Tickets & Hotels

How long will you keep procrastinating on taking a vacation?  You still have the days earned from 2010.  Life is a marathon, not a sprint.  Aren’t you tired with your … The Tea Here →

juan pablo

A Reality Show

pregnant baby


Somebody Roofied Selena Gomez – Illuminati Pics

  If Paris Jackson did not convince you how REAL the Illuminati is, how about these photos of Selena Gomez?  What events led to the Texas sweetheart’s face of horror? … The Tea Here →

Hairy Situation

Why They Hating On Solange Afro?

Yeah @fashionpolice been bashing my fro for years, @intouchweekly compared it to a dog…and u know what I say? pic.twitter.com/OBvkpw4Vdn — solange knowles (@solangeknowles) February 25, 2015  

Kristen Stewart

Michael Jackson Kids

Pussy Cleaners

You Old Fish Eyed Fool

The Oscar Academy Dissed the Fukk Outta Joan Rivers – Melissa Responds

It would have been nice, especially considering the impact she had on the awards season, but Cooper and I have been overwhelmed with support and love over my mom’s passing … The Tea Here →

Willow Beyonce Jay


Girls Gone Wild

Leslie Neilsen

Mel Gibson Bald Headed Now – Photo

Mel Gibson is sexier than ever, but suffering from Lebron James syndrome.  Gibson’s hairline disappeared with Hollywood’s favor.  Snoop Dogg maintained his super cool persona without a hairline, why can’t … The Tea Here →

Mark Foster is still extremely humble.  He feels guilty for his success.

Leo- The Wolf of Wallstreet