Jennifer Lopez brings out the big guns - A.K.A.


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Kylie Jenner Mermaid On Dry Land

Kylie Jenner is not a human being. She’s a Kardashian. Well, technically she’s a Jenner, of course, but bae looks, dresses, and takes selfies like a Kardashian. Instagram is her … The Tea Here →


Ariana Grande Dumped Big Sean – Tea

HollyWEIRD Romance breakup report- Ariana Grande and Big Sean are breaking free. The fan-favorite couple have split after eight months of dating, their reps confirm exclusively to Us Weekly. “They … The Tea Here →

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Psychic Shares Details Of Kate Middleton Royal Baby #PrincessOfCambridge

Victoria, or Diana will definitely be apart of the new Royal Baby’s name.  The snot nosed Royal will be less than 8 pounds with dark hair, and blue eyes.  Royalist … The Tea Here →





Duck Dynasty

Bobby Brown Says Bobbi Kristina is Awake – Video

Bobby Brown stunned his audience during a concert Saturday night, when he told the crowd, “Bobbi (Kristina) is awake. She’s watching me.” Is he sipping way too much syrup?  Verizon … The Tea Here →


Who Said: When I’m on my hands and knees and pouring out of this corset digging a hole, it was scary. I’d have to deliberately splatter mud on myself just to make my boobs look not quite so there.

Kate Winslett is another Mery Streep.  Right along with Ryan Seacrest, she’s hogging all the relevant Hollyweird jobs.  Have you noticed how EVERY movie Kate does is coincidentally Oscar nominated? … The Tea Here →

Tom-Cruise Before Fame

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Lil Wayne will smash that poochie to smithereens!

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Immigrants Dream Fernando Rojas Accepted To All 8 Ivy League Schools

Fernando Rojas was accepted to ALL 8 #IvyLeague schools. The #Fullerton HS senior must decide by May 1. Incredible! — Greg Lee (@ABC7Greg) April 15, 2015   Besides all … The Tea Here →

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Knocked out cold..


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Guy Accidentally Sends Girlfriend Video Of Himself Cheating On Her — With Their Dog

One guy is in hot water after he accidentally sent his girlfriend a video of himself cheating on her — with their dog. According to Swindon Advertiser, David Buchanan got … The Tea Here →


Poor Record Sales and Empty Concert Seats #BitchImMadonna

Madonna has been on a rampage promoting her latest music endeavor, Rebel Heart.  We are sad to report, but this is Madonna’s worst selling album of her entire career.  Stadium … The Tea Here →

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