Hurricane Katrina

Racial Tensions Flare In Detroit

It’s difficult to imagine a city in the United States without clean drinking water.  Detroit Michigan is treated like Rob Kardashian.  As a true testament to the bible, The Pointes … Continue Reading →

Super thirsty

crenshaw shopping

@sprandoni @Leah_Jenner Hate @KimKardashian – Why Isn’t She Promoting Their New Music?

Kim Kardashian is a bitch for not supporting her own brother.  Brandon & Leah Jenner have REAL talent.  They still made it to the top of iTunes pop charts.   … Continue Reading →

Drake Is So Cute

vivienne Jolie Pitt

Jerry sandusky

John Singleton Selects Bow Wow To Star In New Movie #Boys

Shad Moss was a pedophile’s dream when he popped on the scene at the tender age of 4.  We don’t know if Jermaine Dupri ever touched him. He was  JD’s … Continue Reading →


Kendall Jenner Did Something To Her Face – Now She Is WAY Prettier Than Kylie

Kendall Jenner has always been BADDER than a 3 year old, but something is weird with her face.  Did she get prettier overnight?  It must be Tween Botox, or something. … Continue Reading →

Would you sleep here

Mike Trout

Dolly Parton Jennifer Lopez Lesbians Now

Dolly Parton, and Jennifer Lopez are as different as night and day.  One is old, one is older. One is country, one is pop.   One is a hoe, but … Continue Reading →


Homeless Rich Man

Homeless Rich Guy


Kourtney Kardashian Thinks Kim Is A Bad Mom

Kourtney is always photographed with a pregnant smug.  Scott Disick is still referring to himself as ‘Lord’.  It’s no secret that the eldest Kardashian sister is dismayed by her mom, … Continue Reading →

Go To Rehab

Anthony Geary Fired From General Hospital

Anthony Geary is taking an extended vacation from General Hospital.  It has nothing to do with his broken back.  Before Geary fell off the cliff in Aculpulco, he’d already been … Continue Reading →

Yeezy Shoes

Megan Fox

Video – Tyga Booed Off Stage

Jumpman Haircut

Tyga Slams Young Money & Calls Drake Fake

Kanye West will feel the wrath of Birdman.  We all know he’s behind Tyga’s sudden desire to leave Young Money.  Kanye fired Consequence, and now he needs a new ghost … Continue Reading →

Will Jaden kiss gif

Kimye Wedding Was Nothing Compared To Magic Johnson Brass Ring Party

Earvin Magic Johnson stopped chasing thots long enough to stop by the Carousel of Hope Ball.  Since beating AIDS, and Skype chatting with the Obamas isn’t a big deal, he … Continue Reading →


Jennifer Lawrence

Harry Styles

Did Kenan Thompson Turn A Trick For His SNL Role Like Tyrese?

A Hollyweird comedian claims Tyrese Gibson sucked a producer’s cock for his starring role in Baby Boy.  How is Kenan Thompson SNL’s longest running cast member?  Thompson is currently filming … Continue Reading →

Klum with Mel B

USC Trojans – University of South Central

We’re currently searching for a hit & run driver in North Hollyweird.  A Mercedes Benz S- 600 slammed into an old lady, as she pushed her shopping cart home from … Continue Reading →


Dear Kobe Bryant: Julian Newman INSANE Workout Video

Players are “encouraged” per new CBA to take less to win or risk being called selfish+ungrateful while nbatv deal goes UP by a BILLION #biz — Kobe Bryant (@kobebryant) October … Continue Reading →


Katt Williams

Video Like This Got Arsenio Hall Canceled

Post by Rick Consfearacynewz Matheson.

Elizabeth Taylor

More Video Proof – These Hoes Ain’t Loyal

Post by MissYou Crystal.

Whitney Dead

Teen Facing 35 Years In Prison For First Offense – Video

Post by Rickey Smiley Official FanPage.

What You Talkin 'bout Willis

Kardashian with Nicki Minaj

Tiny & Shekinah Admit Getting Kim Kardashian Booty Surgery – Video

We knew all these video vixans, and white Thots weren’t born with all that ass!  Watch Shekinah admit to booty injections (2:07).  We’ve also included a before/ after video of … Continue Reading →

Ashlee & Jessica