Beyonce Yonce

Bishop Jones

Rita Ora Jay Z Friends With Benefits #DKNY #MYNY Evidence

Rita Ora has apparently put those cherry red penis peckers to good use.  Although we can’t think of a single hit she’s made, her head game is certified official.  How … Continue Reading →

Black MJ

Kardashian with Nicki Minaj

What Really Happened To Gary Coleman ? Suspicious Video

We never forgot the way Shannon Price yanked Gary Coleman off life support.  He supposedly died from a head injury following a brutal fall.  We all looked at Shannon with … Continue Reading →

Selena Gomez

Emmanuelle Chriqui Nina Dobrev Victoria Justice – Kardashian Movie

Emmanuelle Chriqui, Nina Dobrev, and Victoria Justice could totally overthrow the trashy Kardashians.  They’re exotic, and super sexy.  Hollyweird fans assume they’re related, but unfortunately, they aren’t.  Sometimes, the actresses … Continue Reading →

I'm tired...

What You Talkin 'bout Willis


Wyoming Teacher Suspended For This Tweet

Geeze Louise! Are we allowed to have a personal life anymore?   Why is it not safe to tweet our own personal opinions?

Julianne Hough

Sammy Sosa Before After

bad booty Implants


Khloe Kardashian Going After Casper Smart #KUWTK

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t act like she’s from the block anymore.  Her bitchy reputation has superseded her struggling career.  You can’t speak to her, look her in the eyes, or breathe … Continue Reading →


Tish Cyrus

shocked cat

Game Son King Justice Has A Broken Arm

You know Jayceon Taylor can’t hold ice water.  First he bragged about his upcoming album with Ed Sheeran.  Now he’s boasting bout his son’s broken arm: My son broke his … Continue Reading →

paris may be pregnant

Chris Brown

Johnny Depp Amber Heard Prenup Snag

Vanessa Paradis  self esteem is lower than Joan Rivers’ titts.  Her hair is turning silver, just as she struggles to heal from Johnny Depp’s new showmance.  Amber Heard is a … Continue Reading →

Alien Tyra Banks

Tupac Aaliyah #TBT Photo


Banks Busted Hating On Arabs Persians & Turks #ISISChallenge

From Washington state to Florida, surprising letters from banks have turned up in the mailboxes of at least a dozen people. The message in each case: Your bank account is … Continue Reading →


Martha Stewart Gwyneth Paltrow Diss

We thought we were the only ones plain sick of Gwyneth Paltrow.  Everyone knows she’s the reason for the Chris Martin divorce.  Paltrow feels so entitled, and her attitude reeks … Continue Reading →

Peg Bundy

Adrian Peterson Used A Tree Branch – Here Are The Scars And Whip Marks

Depending on your background, the Adrian Peterson child abuse accusations look like a set-up.  The photos above are police evidence of the alleged abuse.  Peterson is facing 2 years in … Continue Reading →

Michael Jackson Gif

Goldie Hawn

Don Imus

TJ Lane

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Kids Ratchet Don’t Take Baths

Scientology experts finally pressured Angie into setting for brittle Brad Pitt.  His has a gold star AARP membership, but toddler twins.  Angelina Jolie is a weird baby herself.  She encourages … Continue Reading →


George Zimmerman Threatens To Kill Man In Road Rage Incident

George Zimmerman may have found freedom despite slaying Trayvon Martin, but he’s not helping the notion of innocence in a new case in Florida. A recent report has stated that … Continue Reading →

kurupts Moon Rock

Chaka Khan Admits Being A Pill Head

Prescriptions, and  pain killers destroyed Hollyweird’s biggest stars.  Anna Nicole was no different from Michael Jackson.  Robin Williams flew in percocet filled private planes, just like Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  Have … Continue Reading →

Willow and Jaden Smith w Miley Cyrus

Steve Urkel Slams William Morris Agency

Yrs ago when I was a kid, I had lunch with a high powered talent agent looking to sign me (cough, cough, William Morris lol) the busboy delivered his pasta … Continue Reading →

'God Grew Tired Of Us' Los Angeles Premiere


Juliette Lewis Sofia Vergara #TBT

Kids smoking

Elementry Schools Get Army Tanks Not Tablets – Isis Challenge

It’s time to start worrying.  ISIS is threatening to blow us to smithereens.  Barack Obama is beginning to resemble Ellen Degeneres without makeup.  Are our kids safe at school?  Did … Continue Reading →


Ssshh! Lea Michele Smashing Paris Barclay #Glee

Don’t get us wrong, Lea Michele is almost as talented as Naya Rivera.  We suspiciously pondered Lea’s pounce to the F list.  Things are crazy in Hollyweird.  Do you think … Continue Reading →

Vince Neil

Rihanna Pretty

Check Out Close Up Pics Of Drake Mistress Tinashe – She Resembles Tamar Braxton Before All The Horrific Surgery – Video

Tinashe is blowing up the charts with her mega hit “2 On”,  Doesn’t she resemble Tamar Braxton to you?  

Queen Elizabeth II

Ebola Penis

Patti Labelle

Taylor Swift is suffering from success

Write A Book


Kanye West Rushed To The Hospital In Australia

Kanye West was rushed to hospital suffering a major health scare just hours before performing at his final concert in Melbourne overnight. The rapper was whisked to Melbourne’s Epworth Hospital … Continue Reading →

jay leno

Jumpman Haircut

lamar odom

Jimmy Fallon

Jigga What

Jennifer Lopez Performed #Booty With No Panties #FashionRocks Photo

J-Ho is a 45 year old mommy, BTW.


Rapeless night

Michael Vick

Tyra Banks getting her hair did

Madonna Slams Alicia Keys #WeAreHere Campaign #UnApologeticBitch Photos

Pregnancy has Alicia Keys in her feelings: I Am Here for You. What are you here for? What is your gift to the World?  Tell me your answer with the … Continue Reading →

Britney Spears And Fallon