Donald Sterling


Soldier Secrets – Catherine Walker Stabbed To Death On Hawaii Military Base

Catherine Walker was found brutally stabbed to death in her vacation paradise at  Aliamanu Military Reservation.  Her husband, Michael Walker found her sliced like a pizza across her torso and … The Tea Here →

Jon Cryer

Game & India


Video Shows Stockton Gym Teacher Dragging Student To Pool

A Northern California gym teacher was placed on leave after video recently surfaced of him dragging a 13-year-old student near the school’s pool area. The incident occurred as the teacher, … The Tea Here →

Cat in a Wig

Houston Rockets Locker Room

When your Mexican girlfriend cheats on you

LeAnn Rimes Exclusive: Pimped Pregnant & Popular

LeAnn Rimes is disappointed about  her love triangle  distracting fans from her music.  Now that she’s purchased Eddie Cibrian’s soul & children- she wants our forgiveness.  Rimes has topped charts … The Tea Here →

Rich Dollaz

Downton Abbey

Scott Peterson Still In Love With Mistress Amber Frey

Remember when Scott Peterson murdered his wife, and unborn child?  Amber Frey, Scott’s seductress- donated the fortune from her best selling book,to greedy shrinks.  Amber’s mind is still blown.  Her … The Tea Here →

Tish Cyrus

The 'Talk Show Shuffle'


Pastor Kisses Church Members Booty At The Beach – Photo

The world is truly coming to an end..It has been revealed that the pastor in this picture asked his female members who are spinsters to a beach where they were … The Tea Here →

Drunk Dog

Will Smith Video Shows Why Willow & Jaden Are So Weird

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Ye and Breezy

Joan Knows Best

Heavy Load

World’s Sexiest Criminal Stephanie Beaudoin Heads To Reality TV

Kim may have broken the internet, but Stephanie Beaudoin is the Word’s Sexiest Criminal.  The nursing student, turned cat burglar, captured legions of fans with meat beating selfies.   Over … The Tea Here →

smoking out

Bruce Willis

The King & Queen Of Rap – Photo


Best Burger Chain In Your State


Miss Tina Explains What Happened to Solange Face At The Wedding – Video

Alan Ferguson is a lucky man.  Solange was the most stunning bride of all time. The glamorous  New Orleans wedding bash was nearly ruined when Solo broke out in hives. … The Tea Here →

The struggle

French Montana Late Birthday Gift From Khloe Hoe- eee – Quadski

Thank you to a very special person for my 007 gift for my bday from the one and only Khloe Kardashian Of course I let the dealer test drive it … The Tea Here →

Gorgeous Little Baby

Video – Ninjaz Gone Off Dat Molly

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Snoop is a white woman

Katy Perry


Suck A D

nfl racist tweet


FDA Making A Killing Off Ebola Virus #RipDrMartinSalia Video

US Food & Drug Administration weirdos gave environmentalist the green light to ‘experiment’ on Liberians stricken with Ebola.  Apparently, giving Africans a sham prescription, or placebo will fix the crisis. … The Tea Here →